U.S. Undergraduate / High School Recruitment Tour to National College Fairs (NACAC's)

Increase your full-degree enrollments by participating in our High School fair tour. We attend NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counselors) fairs across the country aimed at the high school student seeking an undegraduate degree. NACAC fairs are held in large convention centers in major cities throughout the U.S. Approximately 200-500 universities and community colleges are represented at a stand or booth to disseminate information and recruit students. Student attendance is between 8,000 and 15,000 per fair.  While the majority of the exhibitors represented are U.S. institutions, this lucrative full-degree market is increasingly being sought after by international admissions officers.  Read on to find out why!

There are both National College Fairs and Performing and Visual Arts College Fairs that we can attend on your behalf.

American students today are often considering educational opportunities outside of the United States for their degree. The cost for a US education can easily run from $100-200k, while a degree in the UK, for example, can be less than $60k, with housing!  You can see the attraction can't you?  Not to mention 3 years instead of 4!

In addition, a degree at an overseas university is considered a ‘prestigious’ alternative, especially if they are not admitted to their first choice in the U.S. Just see what the Washington Post is saying about U.S. students going abroad for a degree, Click here for the article.

You may enlist us to represent you at just one of these fairs or several.  You determine what kind of budget you have and we will maximize your exposure to potential American students.

To see a list of exhibitors from a recent NACAC National College fair in Boston that we attended, click here. Out of 400 exhibitors there were 32 institutions from overseas.  Normally you'll find 10-15 at the average fair but Boston and New York are the exception - for obvious reasons. 

For a proposal including costs and a list of what schools we will be visiting, email me (J.J. Hummon) or call me at +1-941-375-2223 (US East Coast time)